One-time ACH Payment Authorization

By selecting Confirm Payment you are authorizing a one-time ACH payment that will be debited according to the following terms. You agree and consent to 7 Servicing storing the bank account information used for the one-time ACH. Funds for this transaction must be available in your designated account on the date the transaction is scheduled for payment. If there are insufficient funds when the payment is scheduled to post, your financial institution may assess a fee for the presentment attempt. If we are unable to collect the funds, your financial institution will return the electronic payment, and the payment will be reversed from your account which may result in an insufficient funds (NSF) fee being assessed to your mortgage account. Selecting a date after your grace period expiration may cause your payment to be late and late charges to be assessed to your mortgage.

By selecting Confirm Payment you agree to these terms and conditions and confirm you are an authorized signer on the designated account.

For information concerning this payment contact us at 877.313.9677 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM or send an email to