2023 Tax Documents

Important Information About Your 2023 Tax Documents

Your 2023 IRS Tax Form 1098 will be mailed to you no later than January 31 to the address on file. You can confirm your mailing address in the mortgage service site. Log into ORNL FCU’s Online or Mobile Banking. Select View Account or Pay to open the mortgage site. Confirm or update your address under My Loan, Loan Information.

Your IRS Tax Forms will also be available electronically in Online Banking under Documents, Taxes in the mortgage site. Need to register for digital banking? Click here for details. (Please note: Documents are not available for download in the mobile app at this time. You can access Documents on your mobile device through a browser.)

If your loan was transferred to 7 Servicing in 2023, you will receive one tax form from 7 Servicing, and one from RoundPoint. You can access your RoundPoint information online at ornlfcuservicing.com.

The IRS requires financial institutions to send a 1098 tax form only if you paid $600 or more in interest in the previous year. If you paid less than $600, you won’t receive a form.