Transferring From Roundpoint to 7 Servicing

Timeline and Frequently Asked Questions

Date Item
June 14

RoundPoint will mail a letter notifying you of the transfer.

July 1

Your mortgage loan will be moved from RoundPoint to 7 Servicing. 7 Servicing will begin accepting payments. See the FAQs below for details.

July 1-7

Online access to your mortgage will be unavailable.

July 8

Online access becomes available through ORNL FCU’s Online and Mobile Banking.
Payments received July 1-7 are processed and backdated to the date received.

Is my loan number changing?

Your loan number will remain the same.

How and when can I make my mortgage payments?

7 Servicing will start accepting payments from you on 7/1/24. RoundPoint will no longer accept payments received from you on or after 7/1/24.

If you pay by check, take your payment to any ORNL FCU branch location or send the payment with your loan number payable to ORNL FCU, 2077 Town Center Blvd. Suite 304, Knoxville, TN 37922.

If you pay using an online bill payment service through your bank or credit union, delete RoundPoint as a payee. Add 7 Servicing as your new payee using your loan number and 7 Servicing’s address: 2077 Town Center Blvd. Suite 304, Knoxville, TN 37922.

If you pay by an automated, recurring draft each month directly from your bank or credit union account (ACH), any existing ACH scheduled on or after 7/1/24 will no longer be processed by RoundPoint and will begin processing with 7 Servicing. There is no action that you need to take. The July payments will be delayed by as much as a week, but payments will be applied to the mortgage as scheduled.

If you pay through the RoundPoint member site each month, your access to the RoundPoint site for making payments will stop on 7/1/24. Beginning 7/8/24 you will be able to access your new 7 Servicing account through ORNL FCU’s Online and Mobile Banking. If you would like to make your payment before July 8, you have several options:

Call 7 Servicing directly at 877.313.9677 with your account and routing number handy.
Bring a check to your local branch.
Mail a payment to 2077 Town Center Blvd. Suite 304, Knoxville, TN 37922.

How do I access my mortgage loan through ORNL FCU’s Online or Mobile banking?

If you already use ORNL FCU’s Online and Mobile Banking, your mortgage loan will appear in your list of accounts. Select Pay or View Account to open the online mortgage portal. To log in, visit

If you need to register for ORNL FCU’s Online or Mobile Banking, visit Have the last 7 digits of your Membership Account Number handy.

What if I accidentally send a payment to RoundPoint on or after July 1, 2024?

Under Federal law you have protection during the 60-day period following the effective date of the transfer of the loan servicing. An on-time loan payment received by your old servicer, RoundPoint, may not be treated by the new loan servicer, 7 Servicing on behalf of ORNL FCU, as late, and a late fee may not be imposed on you. RoundPoint will forward those payments to 7 Servicing.

What about my taxes and/or insurance?

If your monthly payment currently includes escrow for taxes and/or insurance, this will continue without interruption. Your mortgagee clause on your homeowner’s insurance policy will be automatically updated after the transfer. Please be aware that you will receive two 1098 forms for tax year 2024 – one from RoundPoint and one from 7 Servicing.

Prior tax information with RoundPoint remains available at

What if I am currently on a repayment plan?

7 Servicing will honor any existing plan currently in place with RoundPoint. All payments beginning November 1 should be made to 7 Servicing.

How do I contact 7 Servicing on behalf of ORNL FCU or RoundPoint?

Beginning 7/1/24, 7 Servicing on behalf of ORNL FCU will be able to assist you with any questions related to your loan and the transfer of servicing. If you have any questions regarding this transfer prior to 7/1/24, please contact RoundPoint.

Please note: July 1-7 is a transition period for your mortgage loan details. Our team will will have full access to your information beginning July 8.

Member Service Team
P.O. Box 19124
Charlotte, NC 28219-0229

7 Servicing on behalf of ORNL Federal Credit Union
7 Servicing, LLC
2077 Town Center Blvd. Suite 304
Knoxville, TN 37922
Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM ET

What changes will I see on my credit report?

The RoundPoint loan will show as ‘transferred’, and the 7 Servicing loan will appear in August.

How will my credit score be impacted?

Each credit bureau uses its own proprietary scoring model. The exact calculations are not shared, even with financial institutions. It is normal for credit scores to fluctuate from month to month based on several factors including credit usage. The move from RoundPoint to 7 Servicing is coded as a transfer according to industry standards.